Five Driving Habits That Will Mess Up Your Suspension

Every single one of us dreams of being a racecar driver. Pretending you’re one in your real car, however, can really cause some damage. You don’t have to drive super slow and take caution to the point of insanity, but it is a good idea to be mindful of hazards and bad driving habits. To protect your automobile’s suspension, Del Hatt Automotive recommends you avoid the following things.

Hitting Curbs

Sometimes a curb sneaks up on you when you least expect it; we’ve all had that happen to us. Driving too fast around curbs increases your chances of hitting it, as does pulling up beside another vehicle to make a right-hand turn when you don’t have enough room. Be mindful of curbs and try to avoid hitting them, even when you’re parallel parking, as the impact can knock your wheels out of alignment.

Speeding Over Speed Bumps

Yeah, we’ve done this, too. And, all of us know how much fun it is to go flying over dips in the road. Here’s the thing, though. The damage that you do to your suspension when you hit a speed bump too fast can literally blow out a tire, break a suspension spring, or even the axle if it’s old. Speed bumps and dips are designed for slow driving, so take heed and protect your vehicle when you navigate them.

Slamming Into Parking Space Markers

Pull into parking spaces slowly to prevent hitting the concrete marker with your front wheels. When you pull into the space, your wheels are rotating toward the concrete marker. If you hit it, you stop that rotation immediately and jolt the wheels and their related suspension parts backward. As with a vehicle collision, the parts are forced in a direction they normally wouldn’t go, and this can damage them.

Challenging Road Debris and Potholes

Construction zones with plates, potholes, rocks, tire rubber… we could go on. If every road in the United States was paved to perfection and smooth as silk, we’d all be happier. Unfortunately, they aren’t. Be careful while you’re driving to spot hazards in the road, and then avoid them if possible. If you cannot avoid them, it’s best to err on the side of caution and slow way down as you drive over them.

Slamming on the Brakes – All the Time

Finally, give yourself plenty of time to brake. Try not to tailgate and pay attention to traffic signals and stop signs. If you’re a hard braker, you’re not only wearing down your vehicle’s braking system prematurely (and could be overheating the brakes) you’re also wearing down suspension parts. Every time you slam on the brakes, the shocks and struts are forced to absorb the momentum.

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