Car trouble can happen at any time, and it comes in many forms. Something like an electrical system issue or a sensor failure may turn your check engine light on. If this light becomes illuminated on your dashboard, you need to diagnose the problem as soon as possible. When the engine starts to run rough or if you have trouble starting the engine, you need to get to the root of the problem. Other common vehicle issues include the drivetrain losing power or a loss of fuel efficiency. Issues can vary greatly among different vehicles, which is why you need to have the professionals at Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie perform a precise auto diagnostics test. We’ll do everything we can do make sure your car is back to normal as soon as possible.

Rely on a Professional Team for Your Automotive Diagnostics

Modern vehicles use an onboard computer system that sends a variety of codes to your vehicle to make it easier to determine the root of the problem. Del Hatt has been in service since 1965, and we have the latest and most state of the art diagnostics tools and professional equipment available today to ensure total accuracy. Our reputation for excellence extends beyond auto repair; we’re also known for diagnosing the problem correctly the first time to help you avoid excess cost and time restraints. Whether your Chevy Equinox has the check engine light on in or your Ford Explorer won’t start, you can count on our expertise to help you determine the problem and then come up with a solution.

Using the latest technology, we’ll run a full diagnostics test to help figure out what’s causing the problem. Once our professional mechanics make a determination, we’ll give you a full estimate of the recommended repairs needed to get your car running safely and smoothly again. Don’t ignore your Check Engine light; take your car to Del Hatt so we can help you find out the root of the problem before it gets out of control.

Quality Auto Diagnostics Near Me

When the infamous check engine light comes on, it’s normal to be concerned and worried. Once this light is illuminated, turn to the professionals at Del Hatt Automotive where we offer reliable, trustworthy diagnostics services. Combine that with our friendly customer service, and your next check engine light issue will be a lot more bearable. Our goal is to culminate long-term relationships with our clients and we take pride in a foundation of open, honest communication. Every single auto diagnostics and repair job is guaranteed by our Peace of Mind Warranty. That’s our promise to you that you’ll get long-term quality no matter what arises.

If your check engine light is on in Poughkeepsie, NY stop by Del Hatt Automotive or call us today to schedule an appointment.


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