Brake Repair

brake repair

If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s brakes, it’s time to have them thoroughly inspected. The brakes on your car are what keep you safe, your passenger safe, and other drivers on the road safe. There are a few red flags you should be aware of in case you think you may have a brake issue. First, if the brake warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, it’s time to have the brakes inspected. If the vehicle pulls to one side when you brake or if the car jerks when you come to a stop, it’s also a sign of a possible brake issue. Whenever you need to pump the brakes to make them work or they’re making a grinding or screeching sound, bring your vehicle to Del Hatt Automotive for a thorough inspection and Poughkeepsie brake repair as soon as possible.

Brake Repair Poughkeepsie

When you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll take a close look at the cylinders to ensure they are not leaking. We’ll also look at the brake line and brake pads to make sure that everything is in excellent condition. We can replace brake lines, brake pads, calipers, and we can even perform an entire brake system replacement if needed. It’s important to make sure that every component of your braking system is in the proper condition to keep you safe. Our expert mechanics will assess the issue and then make the recommendations for repair. You may not need an entire brake system replacement; it could be a simple brake pad replacement, or we may need to fix the source of leaking brake fluid. That’s why it’s so important to bring your vehicle to experts who can analyze the issue to save you time and money. And we offer the best brake repair in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Brake Service Poughkeepsie

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to replace the brakes, there are a few things you can look for to help you determine what to do next. First, consider the age of your brakes. If they have not been replaced for around 20,0000 to 30,000 miles, it’s a good idea to have them inspected. Schedule a brake inspection every time you bring your vehicle in for other preventative maintenance like an oil change. That way, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on the brake system’s condition. Remember that not all brakes are the same, and not all drivers all the same. Depending on your specific make and model and your particular driving habits, you may need a brake repair or replacement more often than your manufacturer recommends.

Brake Repair Near Me

We can work on anti-lock braking systems and traditional braking systems and provide you with the inspection, service, and repair you need to keep you safe on the road. For all your vehicle repair and service needs, visit Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY or call us today to schedule an appointment.


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