Wheel Alignment

wheel alignmentIf your wheels are out of alignment, it can make driving a completely frustrating experience. Road hazards can come from anywhere whether you hit a pothole, accidentally jump a curb, or run over road debris. When this happens and combines with general wear and tear, it’s easy for your wheels to become misaligned. Whether your VW Passat has new struts or your Nissan Altima went off the edge of the pavement, you probably need to look into a wheel alignment. When the steering feels off-center or your car seems to drift to one side, have the professionals at Del Hatt Automotive take a closer look. We’ve been serving drivers in the Hudson Valley area and beyond since 1965, and we’re proud to provide the best wheel alignment in Poughkeepsie.

Experience in Wheel Alignments

You should have a wheel alignment performed on a regular basis to keep your vehicle running on the straight and narrow. Wheels that are not correctly aligned can cause excess tread wear on your tires and cause you to lose fuel efficiency. This can cost you big time in the long run, so come and see our ASE-Certified technicians, who are also professionally skilled and trained in wheel alignment services. Our Hunter HawkEye Elite and Bee Line alignment systems will work for all types of vehicles ranging from buses and pickup trucks to sedans, limousines, and even tractor-trailers. The mechanics at Del Hatt can handle lifted trucks and lowered cars as well as classic, hot rod, and antique car wheel alignments. Along with your alignment service, you’ll receive a comprehensive vehicle inspection to help you determine any other repair needs.

Wheel Alignment Near Me

When you schedule a wheel alignment with us, it will be done completely, efficiently, and on time without having to sacrifice quality. Our professionals understand that your time is very valuable, which is why it’s our main mission to ensure that every visit is pleasant and convenient. We have a full-service auto repair shop with a staff that’s completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. And, we always stand by our honesty in every single transaction so that you know you can always trust us for your automotive needs. From oil changes and alignments to engine overhauls, we’re your local dealer alternative.

For all your Poughkeepsie wheel alignment needs visit Del Hatt Automotive or call us today to schedule an appointment.


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