Six Signs of Exhaust System Failure in Your Automobile

The exhaust system does more than remove gases from the engine; it clears the way for fresh air and fuel in the combustion chamber. Your car, truck, or utility vehicle cannot run efficiently when there are problems in the exhaust system. Del Hatt Automotive lists six signs of exhaust system trouble below. Getting the issue fixed at the first sign of trouble decreases your repair bill.

1. Engine Noise

There are two ways an exhaust system problem will make engine noise: a damaged muffler or a cracked exhaust manifold gasket. Engine exhaust is incredibly loud. If you’ve ever heard a car without a muffler, you know how loud it is. Loud engine noise or tapping sounds usually indicate an exhaust issue.

2. Power Loss

As exhaust draws burnt gases from the combustion chamber, new gas and air move in to burn. If you end up with a clogged exhaust system, the gases remain in the combustion chamber and your engine performance suffers. You’ll notice a decrease in your engine power and lagging acceleration.

3. Fuel Efficiency Loss

You will also notice a difference in your gas mileage. As your vehicle’s engine struggles to produce power, it will burn excess gas. You will find you don’t get as many miles out of a tank as you used to. When you combine the power loss with the gas mileage loss, it’s likely an exhaust system problem.

4. Hot Engine Bay

We talked about a crack in the exhaust manifold gasket above. This gasket holds in intense heat and pressure. If it fails, which it will do eventually, the scorching exhaust gases will leak out of it and overheat and burn the surrounding engine parts. The excess heat will also overheat your engine.

5. Interior Fuel Smells

The catalytic converter is part of the system and it changes carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. It can clog over time, as can other parts in your exhaust system. If you have a clogged exhaust system, you might end up smelling gasoline inside your car. This is dangerous, so don’t keep driving.

6. Damage

The tailpipe can also get clogged, dented, or even knocked off your car. Your tailpipe can also hang too low if it’s been whacked by road debris or you drive over a bump, rock, or curb. Give your vehicle’s tailpipe a quick check regularly to make sure it looks okay. Look for dents, holes, and other damage.

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