Dealer Alternative Auto Shops Will Not Void Your Extended Warranty

Del Hatt Automotive is a reliable and affordable alternative to dealer service departments. Our ASE-Certified, highly-trained, and experienced automotive service technicians can do a better job on your car, truck, or utility vehicle for less money. Many drivers believe if they go to any other shop other than the dealer’s service department, they’ll void their extended warranty. This is not true. Let’s talk about your extended warranty and what can and cannot void it.

Things That Can Void Your Extended Warranty

You can bring your automobile to us for maintenance and repair without voiding your warranty, but the warranty isn’t iron-clad, either. Read it and make sure you understand how you and your automobile are bound by it. Also, know that you will generally void the warranty if you

  • Abuse your vehicle in any way
  • Drive carelessly, off-road, race, or engage in other reckless behavior
  • Ignore the factory-scheduled maintenance
  • Modify your automobile with non-approved aftermarket parts or upgrades
  • Overload your vehicle or tow anything greater than its maximum weight capacity
  • Use any incorrect automotive parts, including filters and fluids

The warranty’s issuer expects you to take excellent care of your automobile so, frankly, you never need to use the warranty. If you do anything that gives them an excuse not to pay for a repair, they won’t. Plus, the warranty won’t cover damage covered by your auto insurance.

Things That Won’t Void Your Extended Warranty

As we’ve said, having your factory-scheduled maintenance done at a dealer-alternative auto shop will not void your warranty. You need to make sure you document all services thoroughly to prove you’ve had the required work done, but you don’t have to use the dealer service department.

Documenting each maintenance visit is easy. Retain the service visit estimate, final bill, and any other paperwork the auto shop provides, including your receipt for payment. As long as this paperwork has a detailed listing of the work performed and the date and mileage of the service, you have service proof.

It’s a good idea to keep a log, too. This helps you keep track of your service visits so you don’t miss any and gives you a quick reference for the warranty issuer should you ever need to take advantage of the warranty’s coverage. The right paperwork makes all the difference in the world should you file a claim.

Save money by bringing your automobile into Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY. We will make sure your vehicle gets the factory-scheduled maintenance it needs to keep your extended warranty valid.

Photo by LightFieldStudios from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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