Del Hatt Automotive Can Replace Your Stolen Catalytic Converter

Del Hatt Automotive advises that this is just one precious metal out of which catalytic converters are made. Other precious metals include palladium and rhodium. We hope you never have to reach out to us because your catalytic converter has been stolen. We’d rather have you reach out to us so we can service your automobile to keep it safe and reliable on the road. If your catalytic converter does get stolen, however, you will notice the following problems.

Noticeably Loud Engine

The first thing you will notice is an extremely loud engine. When you start your automobile after someone has taken the converter, the engine will be unusually loud. If you press down on the accelerator, the engine will get louder. This loud roaring sound is the sound of the exhaust leaving the exhaust manifold and entering the space for the catalytic converter once was.

Illuminated CEL

Aside from the noisy engine, you are also going to notice that the check engine light will turn on and remain on while your automobile is running. When the catalytic converter is taken, the exhaust system will start to malfunction. System sensors pick up on these malfunctions and report them to the engine control module. The module turns on the check engine light to warn you of a problem.

Punchy Acceleration

You will also know there is a problem when you press down on the accelerator to pick up speed in your automobile. What used to be a smooth process will now be a punchy one. Your vehicle will lurch forward in spurts as it tries to pick up speed. This, too, is being caused by the fact that there is no catalytic converter underneath your vehicle to take the exhaust from the manifold.

Lagging at Slow Speeds

The engine will also struggle to produce power when you want to drive at slower speeds. For some reason, the missing catalytic converter will not affect high-speed driving but it will affect low-speed driving. Your best bet is to have your vehicle towed to our shop rather than drive it.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

Aside from the performance problems, the reason why is that the exhaust is being released into the open air. In addition, the exhaust has not been treated by the catalytic converter. Consequently, these poisonous gases can find their way into the passenger cabin of your vehicle. It’s dangerous to drive your automobile if you can smell the exhaust because it can make you severely ill.

Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY, is here to help, so ring us up today to schedule a service visit if you need a new catalytic converter.

Photo by deepblue4you from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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