Diesel Engine Problems We Can Fix Here at Del Hatt Automotive

You rely on your diesel vehicle every day, and nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with engine problems. Thankfully, Del Hatt Automotive doesn’t just work on gasoline-powered automobiles; we also service and repair diesels, and we’d be happy to inspect your engine. Here are the common diesel engine problems we fix all the time.

Hard Starts

Diesel engines are known to crank a few times before firing up but a few times is the operative phrase in this sentence. If your engine is cranking and cranking and cranking before it finally fires up, it’s in need of a serious maintenance visit.

Power Loss

Oftentimes, fuel problems can be blamed for your diesel engine’s power loss. You might a clogged fuel filter or fuel injectors, or there could excessive lubrication in the engine interfering with the fuel burn. A loose throttle linkage can also cause power loss.

Contaminated Diesel Fuel

Another fuel problem is contamination. Diesel fuel is thick and, consequently, this opens it up to contamination more than gasoline. Common foreign invaders that contaminate diesel fuel include water, soot, and glycol.

Excess Exhaust

Excess exhaust pouring out of your diesel’s pipes indicates there is too much diesel fuel in the engine. The engine is burning off the excess fuel and this is why you’ve got more exhaust than normal. A faulty EGR valve might be the culprit behind the problem, or a faulty turbocharger can cause this issue.

Bubbly Oil

Air bubbles can make their way into a diesel engine’s oil supply if the engine is driven often. This oxidizes the oil and renders it useless as it flows through the engine trying to protect it. If your diesel has been sitting, get an oil change before you drive it.

Oil Viscosity Weight

If you get your oil changed at a place that doesn’t have diesel experience, you might end up with the wrong oil viscosity weight in the engine and this will damage it. It’s important to use the correct viscosity weight when pouring the lubricants into the engine.

Too Much Noise

Finally, although diesel engines are noisier naturally, the excess noise should not be unbearable. If your engine is suddenly too loud, you could have a fuel injector problem that is affecting the engine’s compression balance. This can also affect the engine’s performance.

Stop by or call Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY, today to discuss your diesel engine problems. Our certified mechanics have vast experience in servicing and repairing diesel engines of all types.


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