Drive a Diesel and Reap These Six Benefits

You don’t have to be a commercial driver to drive a vehicle with a diesel engine. Many automobile manufacturers have diesel options for their cars, crossover or sport utility vehicles, or trucks. Why would you want to drive a diesel? You might not believe this, but there are numerous benefits of diesel automobiles. We here at Del Hatt Automotive are going to list five of them below for you to consider.

Gas Mileage

You also might not believe that diesel engines can compete with hybrid engines, but today’s diesel can without killing your carbon footprint. Diesel cars and trucks get incredible gas mileage. In fact, the projected increase in fuel economy can be as much as 30 percent. Imagine getting 30 percent more gas mileage out of your automobile.

Energy Production

The reason why diesel engines get such good gas mileage is diesel fuel is more energy-dense. This means a diesel engine gets more usable energy from one gallon of diesel fuel than a gasoline engine gets from one gallon of gas. The greater the energy density, the greater the fuel economy, and diesel fuel is denser no matter what.

No Tune-Ups

Diesel engines need preventative maintenance, but they don’t need tune-ups. The engines do not have distributors or spark plugs. They ignite differently than a gasoline combustion engine does, which means you’ll never have to worry about replacing the distributors, spark plugs, or spark plug wires. Check that service visit off your list!

Built Diesel Tough

Hopefully, Ford will forgive our play on their slogan. Diesel engines use higher compression to produce more power, and, as such, they are built extremely tough. You’ll get hundreds of thousands of miles out of a well-cared-for diesel engine, which also increases the resale and trade-in value of the car. Diesels are reliable for a long time.

Higher Torque

Finally, this high compression produces enough torque to get a loaded semi-truck and trailer going from a stopped position. Can you imagine how hard that is? In personal vehicles, this translates to quicker response time from a stop and more power when you need to punch it without losing the fuel economy the comes with diesel engines.

If you drive a diesel or would like to buy one, you can still rely on Del Hatt Automotive. We service and repair diesel engines at our Poughkeepsie, NY, shop. Contact us for more information and schedule an appointment for your diesel vehicle.

Photo by LemonTreeImages from Canva Pro

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