Let’s Talk Turkey About Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your RV

It’s almost time for the long Thanksgiving weekend, and for many, this is the perfect weekend to camp. You can cook and eat a Thanksgiving meal in your RV; you need to work around a few things. Del Hatt Automotive can get your RV ready for Thanksgiving. Here’s how to prep the food.

1. Service Your RV

First things first: Make sure your RV has survived the summer unscathed and is ready for the drive to and from the camping grounds. You also need to make sure there aren’t any battery or electrical problems, especially since you’ll use a lot of power to cook and/or heat the meal. Now is the time for a full RV service, interior, and exterior, to ensure it’s in tiptop travel and camping shape.

2. Think Small for the Meal

Next, plan your Thanksgiving meal ahead of time and think small this year. With your RV’s storage and cooking capacity in mind, only buy enough food to feed your family. Purchase a small turkey and cut the recipes for the side dishes in half. Only bake one pie instead of a variety. You can still enjoy all of your holiday favorites, you won’t have weeks of leftovers if you cook a smaller meal in the RV.

3. Cook the Turkey Outside

Depending on the campground rules, you might be able to cook the turkey outside and save precious RV oven space for your side dishes. One tricky way to cook the turkey is in a Dutch oven on an open campfire. You can also deep fry the turkey in an electric turkey fryer if your RV can handle the voltage. A unique way to enjoy Thanksgiving turkey is to cut it up and grill the pieces over an open flame.

4. Spread the Meal Out

Spread the meal out literally and figuratively. If you’re really compromised for cooking space, have the Thanksgiving feast in courses, with one course heating up while you enjoy the other course. You can also save table space by laying the carved turkey and side dishes on your RV’s counter space or outside on a picnic table. The weather might be too cold for the latter suggestion, however, so plan accordingly.

However, before you do anything, let Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY, service your RV so you know it can handle the added stress of cooking a Thanksgiving meal. We’ll pay special attention to the battery and electrical system to ensure you don’t short the system out.

Photo by JaySi from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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