Reasons for an Engine That Overheats Constantly

If your engine is overheating constantly, have your car, truck, or utility vehicle towed to our shop. Del Hatt Automotive advises that it is dangerous to drive your automobile if the engine is too hot. Not only do you run the risk of damaging the engine further, but you also run the risk of bursting the radiator cap. Let’s talk about why an engine will overheat all the time below.

Faulty Water Pump

The water pump can be the culprit if it can no longer circulate coolant through the engine. The water pump lasts about 100,000 miles before it goes bad. After this time, it can malfunction and you will end up with zero coolant in the engine cooling it down.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat lasts longer. It generally lasts 10 years. This being said, if the thermostat has gone bad, it may not release the coolant into the engine. Consequently, your engine will be coolant-starved and overheat every time you fire up the automobile.

Leaking Coolant

A cooling system leak can also cause the engine to overheat all the time because it reduces the coolant level in the system. Cooling can leak out of a damaged radiator, leaking radiator hoses, the radiator overflow reservoir, and the system seals and gaskets.

Clogged System

Your radiator system can also get clogged by dirt and debris. When this happens, the coolant’s circulation is impeded. Consequently, the coolant will not circulate throughout the entire engine and, as a result, the engine will overheat.

Faulty Cooling Fan

The radiator relies on a cooling fan to help it cool off the hot engine coolant. If this cooling fan goes bad, you will end up with warm or hot coolant circulating through the engine. Unfortunately, when the coolant is this temperature, it cannot cool off the engine.

Clogged Air Inlets

The radiator also relies on air inlets to draw air over the hot coolant to reduce its temperature. Because the radiator is located directly behind the grille, these inlets can get clogged by dirt. When this happens, the coolant is not cooled down by the incoming airflow.

Damaged Radiator

Finally, your car’s engine may overheat all the time because the radiator is damaged. For example, it can be clogged by sediment that is slowly eating out the bottom of the radiator. Once this corrosion gets through the bottom of the radiator, coolant will leak out of it.

Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY, can find out why your car is overheating all the time. Call us today for an appointment.

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