What Are Some Advantages of Diesel Engines?

You don’t need to look any further than Del Hatt Automotive for all of your auto service and repair needs because we work on both gasoline and diesel engines. If you are one of the many drivers who operate a diesel automobile, we are here to keep your vehicle maintained and repaired. If you are considering purchasing a diesel automobile, here are some advantages to take into account. The first thing we like to mention is new diesel engines are quieter and do not release as many hydrocarbons into the environment as older diesel engines. This is the first advantage of a newer diesel engine.

Better Fuel Efficiency

All diesel engines get better fuel efficiency than gasoline engines do. In fact, newer diesel engines can get fuel mileage that rivals that of the gas mileage found in hybrids. Driving a diesel automobile will increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 35 percent. The reason why diesel engines get such good fuel economy is that diesel fuel produces more power per gallon than gasoline does. This extends the life of the fuel in the tank.

Greater Torque/Power

Better fuel efficiency does not mean a sacrifice in engine power. In fact, diesel engines produce greater torque and more power than gasoline engines do. This is why big rigs have diesel engines. They need the extra power to start from a stop because of their weight. Whether you drive a diesel car or truck, you will have more get up and go because the engine will produce more power.

Higher Resell Value

Many people are in the market for a used diesel automobile because they are designed to last for years. We will talk more about their rugged build below. Nonetheless, many diesel automobiles fetch more money in the used car market gasoline automobiles do.

No Ignition Tune-Ups

Another advantage of the diesel engine is that it does not have spark plugs. Diesel engines use glow plugs that warm the combustion chamber when you first start the automobile. After that, the glow plugs remain inactive until the next time you start the automobile. The lack of spark plugs not only means that you don’t need to have ignition tune-ups, but the fact that the glow plugs only warm the combustion chamber when you first start the automobile means they’ll last longer.

Rugged Build

Finally, as we mentioned above, diesel engines are built to last. They produce higher compression and heat. As such, they are built to withstand these extreme conditions. The record for the longest-lasting diesel engine is 900,000 miles.

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