What Do Strange Engine Noises Mean?

Strange engine noises can mean a number of things depending on the noise and how well you take care of the engine. We are going to talk about strange engine noises below and what causes them. The engine is not the only thing that can make strange noises. Other vehicle systems will make noise if they are going bad.


Your engine may grind if it does not have enough motor oil circulating through it. A clogged oil filter can stop the oil circulation in its tracks. Unfortunately, if your engine is grinding, it is getting damaged while it is running. It’s a good idea to cut the engine and call for a tow truck.


We mentioned above that other systems can make noises when they are going bad. One such system is the transmission. It will hum if it is in need of repair. The most common time that you will hear the humming noise is when the transmission is out of gear and in neutral.


Your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine may knock if there is a problem in the cylinders with the fuel detonation. For example, if the spark plugs are misfiring, the engine will knock. It will also knock if the rods are not pushing the pistons up and down evenly.


Another system that can make noise if it is having problems is the exhaust system. For example, if you hear popping or tapping when you press down on the accelerator, the muffler needs to be replaced. The exhaust manifold will also pop or tap if it is cracked.


Another sign that the muffler needs to be replaced is loud rumbling coming from the engine. In fact, your automobile will sound like a racecar. The engine will also rumble loudly if someone has taken it upon themselves to steal your catalytic converter.


If you hear sizzling or hissing coming from the engine, you likely have a fluid leak. If the leak is serious, continuing to drive your automobile could cause engine damage. Speaking of hissing, a vacuum leak will also make a hissing sound in your engine.


Finally, if your engine squeals loudly when you start your automobile, the serpentine belt needs attention. It may be that it needs to be tightened, or it may be worn out and in need of replacement.

Bring your vehicle to our shop if you hear strange noises. We will find the problem and fix it.

Photo by didesign021 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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