What Is the Yellow Fluid Leaking Out of My Automobile?

The yellow fluid leaking out of your automobile is probably your coolant/antifreeze. It’s important that you don’t drive your car, truck, or utility vehicle when it is leaking coolant. Naturally, the leak will cause the coolant levels to be too low and, as a consequence, your engine will overheat, even in the winter. Del Hatt Automotive can find the coolant leak and fix it. We can also find any other fluid leak in your automobile and fix that. Aside from yellow, here are the other colors of automobile fluids.


Your engine coolant can also be blue, but this is uncommon. The fluid that is blue, however, is the windshield washing solution. It’s okay to drive your automobile if it is leaking the solution. It won’t harm the engine. You just won’t be able to clean your windshield.


You already know that your motor oil is light brown. The oil can turn dark brown as it ages. Another fluid that is light brown is your brake fluid. This, too, turns dark brown as it ages, as does your transmission fluid. Finally, the differential oil is also brown.


Clear fluid is usually just water. You may see condensation dripping out of your tailpipe when it’s cold outside, and condensation drips off your air conditioner when you run it. You need to worry about clear fluid, however, if it smells like gasoline or diesel fuel.


As we said above, your engine coolant could be blue, but usually, it’s more of a blue-green. Engine coolant is also green or neon green. Again, it isn’t safe to drive your automobile if it’s leaking coolant as you can damage the engine. It’s important you get the coolant leak fixed as soon as possible.


Orange fluid can be a bad sign because it is usually coolant that is filled with rust. This is a sign that your radiator no longer has a bottom to it. Rather, corrosion has eaten through the bottom of the radiator and, as a consequence, it is hemorrhaging coolant.


Finally, you are going to discover that many automotive fluids are red. For example, even though we mentioned that brake fluid is light brown above, there are some brands of brake fluid out there that are red. There are also engine coolants that are red. Your transmission fluid is red before it ages, and your power steering fluid is red.

Again, Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY, can help if your automobile has a fluid leak. Give us a call today.

Photo by shank_ali from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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