Why Does My Car Engine Need to Be Replaced?

Committing to an engine replacement is an expensive proposition, but many automobile owners believe it is worth the cost. Their vehicle has special meaning to them, and they plan to keep it for the rest of their lives. If you’ve received the bad news that your vehicle’s engine needs to be replaced, you can bring it to Del Hatt Automotive for a second opinion. There are four common reasons why an engine must be replaced rather than repaired or rebuilt. Here’s what they are.

Engine Block Damage

Your vehicle’s engine block houses the crankshaft, cylinders, valves, and pistons among other crucial parts. Two common things that damage the engine block beyond repair are excessive heat and a broken timing belt. Heat is the more dangerous culprit of the two. Excess heat can crack the engine block, and this damage cannot be repaired. A broken timing belt can wipe out the cylinders, valves, and pistons.

Excess Vehicle Exhaust

Vehicle exhaust isn’t a cause of engine replacement; it’s a sign that your car needs one. The color of the exhaust will point in the direction of the engine trouble. Black equals fuel, blue equals motor oil, and white equals engine coolant. Your engine should never burn any of these fluids to the point that you see excess exhaust pouring out of the tailpipe. If you do, you’ve got a serious problem underneath the hood.

Metal in the Motor Oil

Your car will breakdown if there is metal in the motor oil, so this, unfortunately, will be your sign of serious engine trouble. Metals shavings in your vehicle’s oil mean the engine parts are wearing down so much that they are dissolving into the oil. This is a sign of catastrophic engine failure, and your engine will seize up and die. An engine replacement is the only thing that can resolve the devastation.

Severe Automobile Accident

Finally, the three causes above usually only happen in older vehicles; vehicles that have plenty of miles under their hoods. Your new car might need an engine replacement if it’s totaled in a severe automobile accident. Whether you allow your insurance company to total the vehicle or you buy it back from the carrier to get it fixed is up to you, but take into account the expense of a new engine in your decision.

We can help here at Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY. Just schedule an appointment online and we’ll inspect your engine to assess the severity of the damage.

Photo by Aleksandr Rybalko from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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