Will My Car’s Starter Warn Me Before It Dies?

We hate to say it here at Del Hatt Automotive but your car’s starter may not warn you before it dies. Sometimes, a malfunctioning starter will make noises before it dies completely, but this doesn’t happen every time. Let’s talk about the factory starter, which lasts about 100,000 miles, and what it will do when it goes bad. If you do get a warning, head straight to our shop for a new starter.

Noise Before the Engine Starts

As we just mentioned, a faulty starter might make noise before your engine starts. You may hear whirring or clicking. These sounds are an indication that the starter is not working properly. If these sounds continue after your engine starts, the starter also isn’t disengaging. You need to replace the starter right away if you get a warning that it is going bad.

An Inability to Get the Engine Started

Failure to replace the starter will leave you stranded with a dead engine eventually. You may also end up with a dead engine because the starter didn’t give you any warning that it was going bad. Without a functional starter, the engine cannot bring air and fuel into the combustion chamber and the spark plugs will fire. Consequently, you aren’t going to get your vehicle started.

Working Interior and Exterior Lights

You may wonder if the problem is actually a dead battery. You can check to see if this is the case. Turn on all of your vehicle lights and check to see if they are all working. If they are all illuminated, the battery is charged. Consequently, unless the alternator is the problem, the reason why your engine will not start is that the starter has died completely.

Burning Engine Odors and Smoke

We know that you are encouraged as a child to keep trying when you fail, but this can actually cause harm to the engine if you do so in the case of a dead starter. Turning the key in the ignition or pressing the start button repeatedly will only overheat the starter motor. Consequently, you will end up with burning odors and smoke coming from the engine.

Finally, Del Hatt Automotive in Poughkeepsie, NY, advises that your starter can also go bad if it gets saturated by motor oil from a leak above it. Call our shop today to schedule an appointment for your automobile if you would like us to test the starter and replace it if necessary.

Photo by Phantom1311 from getty images via Canva Pro

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